Eye Of The Crocodile King

Arcanamirium transmuter Maren Fuln found a magically sealed amulet in the school’s library and kept it as a shiny bauble. Little did he know the amulet contained an entity far worse than he imagined and by unsealing it, he loosed a revenge-obsessed horror into the sewers beneath the school. Can the Agents of the Varlokkur halt the beast’s plan in time, or will he build his army of revenge and sow chaos in Absalom?

The agents spend two weeks pursuing their own agendas. A’hymhu continues training his pet dog, Muck. Bundin maintains the day to day running of his shrine and ensuring his flock follow a righteous path. Albert and Julian attend a dinner party at House Doels townhouse. Lothaire locates a mead hall in the Coins called the Saucy Wench, which he decides will make a great new drinking establishment.

While Albert and Lothaire are taking lunch in the Arcanamirium refectory they are approached by journeyman transmuter, Maren Fuln. A nervous Fuln requests they assemble their fellow Varlokkur and meet him behind the Arcanamirium to discuss a matter of importance. Albert and Lothaire split up and assemble the other agents, eventually meeting up with Fuln back at the Arcanamirium. On arrival Fuln advises the group that they’ll need to venture into the sewer to retrieve his crocodile-blooded, transmutation created aberration, locate a gem containing the remaining conscience of Lord Corgon, a former corrupt lecturer at the Arcanamirium and find his missing animal handler. The agents are horrified at the brazen nature of Fulns request, his creation of an aberration, the knowledge that he unearthed a sealed away artifact and that he’s left it a week before bringing it to their attention. Following a barrage of questions and aspersions cast at Fuln, the group agree to investigate the sewers below.

Climbing down into the sewers the group are deposited neck deep into the sewage that flows beneath Absalom. As they wade through the filth, an unseen assailant deposits a small horde of rats into the waste. Luckily thanks to some ingenuity from Lothaire and Albert, the agents manage to exterminate the vermin and crawl up onto the sewer walkways.

After an hour of following the sewer tunnel the five investigators find themselves in another open chamber. They soon realise they have entered the den of a hungry, wounded otyugh. Bundin and Julian attempt to parley with the monstrous trash-eater, realising it possesses intelligence, but the creature seems more concerned with making the group its next meal. A’hymhu is grievously wounded in the battle with the creature, as the rest of the agents struggle to bring their weapons to bare against the twisted beast. After a hard fought battle the heroes are finally able to fell the guardian and revive A’hymhu. Searching through the debris that has washed up in the chamber they locate several minor trinkets lost from the Arcanamirium, which they quickly add to their arsenal before pressing on.


An hour further into the sewers the group encounter two troglodytes, not unlike those they encountered in the Fallen Fortress several months previous. Fighting alongside the troglodytes is also a dominated Lemedor, the animal handler and dim-witted ranger that went missing from the Arcanamirium. Luckily the ranger and troglodytes prove little competition for the heroes, who wade through the sewage, cut down the reptiles and subdue Lemedor. As the agents bring Lemedor to, he comes to his senses, warning them that he fed Lord Corgons amulet to the talking crocodile aberration and that it has rallied the troglodytes to its cause, sending them out to the mountains to build an army of the creatures and launch an attack on Absalom and the Arcanamirium. Comfortable that Lemedor has come to his senses, the group dispatch him back to the surface and press on.

Not ten minutes after their meeting with Lemedor, the agents enter a chamber housing a large crocodile and a handful of troglodytes, one of which they recognise as the only adolescent troglodyte they let leave the Fallen Fortress. Albert and the troglodyte converse for a few moments, the young survivor giving Albert the same choice to walk away as he offered it. Unable to come to a diplomatic solution the troglodytes crocodile lunges forward, but is quickly bought low by the agents firepower and a electrifying blow from Lothaire. As the the other troglodytes are felled, the youngster from the Fallen Fortress is able to escape once again into the darkness beneath Absalom. The group take some time to tend to their wounds, especially Albert who has taken a troglodyte javelin to the gut, his first wound in service to the Varlokkur.

Locating a cave carved into the sewer wall the group enter into a chamber lit by a central fire pit. As the voice of the Crocodile King echoes the threats of Lord Corgon, the group advance coming face to face with the hulking crocodile beast, possessed by the sinister consciousness of Lord Corgon. As Julian moves to engage the Crocodile King he comes under the aberrations thrall and turns on his friends, instructed to kill them. Bundin and Lothaire combine their brotherly skills against the King, bringing it low for A’hymhu to send a well aimed bolt through the creatures skull. Unfortunately, a dominated Julian fells Bundin, running his sword through the paladins back. Despite the death of the Crocodile King, Julian remains under the sway of the gem contained in its belly. Lothaire tries to subdue Julian, but the possessed jeweller lands a lucky blow, tearing into the dwarves thigh, who promptly falls collapses from the agony. With things looking bleak, Albert and A’hymhu resign themselves to unleashing everything they have left against Julian. The bard is overwhelmed before he can finish off his wizardly associate, leaving the chamber in grim silence. The remaining two agents use what curative provisions they have to revive the dwarves, retrieving the gem and looting the room of anything valuable, including a mysterious black dwarven blade that speaks to Lothaires mind.

The agents return to Absalom via a secret cliffside exit from the sewers, carrying the unconscious Julian. They make their way through the streets, coated in dried blood and sewage, and manage to circumvent the authorities in an approach to Alexis townhouse. Despite his surprise seeing the agents and their conditions, Alexis quickly admits his proteges. After Albert brings the fellow wizard up to speed, Alexis offers to secure the gem and break the spell controlling Julian. Disgraced and ashamed by his actions, the young entertainer apologises and takes his leave. Albert and the Toragson brothers thank Alexis and return to the Arcanamirium to have a stern word with Maren Fuln. Despite their intimidation, a relieved Fuln promises his aid in the future. Clearly shaken by their ordeal the agents part way to recuperate before their skills are called upon again.



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