House Of Harpies

Rumors claim that songs have been heard in a copse of trees in the Cairnlands, apparently from an ancient magic harp, lost in the area hundreds of years ago. Wanting to discern if the harp poses any threat, the Varlokkur dispatch their agents to retrieve it. However, when it comes to light that a thieves guild has their hideout in the area, the agents find themselves accompanied by an unlikely ally to assist them in their investigations. All is not as it seems as the agents venture back into the ominous Cairnlands and it soon becomes apparent that thieves may be the least of their concerns.

With a break between assignments, the agents take the chance to finally invest some of their funding and support into the construction of a base of operations for themselves in the Coins district of Absalom. Satisfied with their plans for a new home, the agents then refocus on their own ventures until they find themselves called before Alexis once more.

The agents mentor is not alone when they meet him in the Scholars Quill, having been joined by an exotic sylph woman named Nazuk Kasiis. Alexis tells the group that like many of them, he has heard mutterings of an arcane harp that is apparently hidden in the Cairnlands, but he has been unable to divine any information on it. The diviner informs the agents that Nazuk knows the area and has offered her services to guide them to the harps alleged location. The heroes agree, happy to pick up a new assignment away from the politics of Absalom.

True to her word, the sylph acrobat leads the agents across the Cairnlands to a copse of over-sized trees, which Albert suspects are of magical origin due to their size and their location in the Cairnlands.

The agents delve into the forest, wandering along a dirt path while Nazuk leaps nimbly through the trees above. Eventually they draw close to what appears to be a tiered structure wrapped around the largest tree in the center of the copse. Their arrival is greeted with an attack by two winged women, that are quickly identified as harpies, vicious sirens and seducers that feast of those that fall under their sway. A tricky fight ensues as several of the agents fall prey to the song and the harpies fly circles around those not enchanted. However, eventually one of the harpies is felled and the other flees.

With their freewill restored, the agents venture up the tree, discovering a bandit hideout that has been overturned and become infested with giant rats. Thankfully, the rats do not engage the heroes, simply hiding from them as they move through the tree house. The groups search reveal that the bandits had some contact with Grandmaster Torch, but it is not clear what the nature of their arrangement was.


Climbing further up the structure, the agents encounter the harpy that survived their encounter outside. She gives the group information in exchange for the chance to flee with her life. She divulges that she and the other harpies took over this place after driving out the bandits, and that her mistress, Irith, has used magical pipes to lull the rats in to discourage anyone returning. The agents uphold their side of the bargain and allow the harpy to flee, but shortly afterwards they are ambushed by a group of young, aggressive harpies. After defeating their attackers, the heroes ascend the last tier of the structure.

As the agent climb towards the last part of the tree house they are attacked on the side of the tree by Irith, who uses dirty tactics to try to knock the agents off the tower or tries to lull them off the edge with her song. When those tricks fail to work, the harpy leader attempts to summon the rats to her aid with her enchanted pipes. However she is knocked from the air by creatures summoned by Albert and plummets to a grisly demise off the side of the tree house.

Their mission successful and with the knowledge that that the harp was nothing but the songs of the harpies, the agents return to Absalom and issue their report to Alexis. Her job complete, Nazuk takes her leave of the group, but is told by Alexis that her skills may prove useful in the future. Once more the agents advise Alexis of their suspicions and distrust of Grandmaster Torch, but Alexis advises that the man is a necessary evil. However, he agrees that it is time they had more control over the information broker and that a chance may soon present itself.



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