Silent Tide

When strange reports of misty undead spread through Absalom, the Agents of the Varlokkur are dispatched to the half-drowned district of the Puddles. Notoriously rough, the drooling addicts, flesh panderers, and quick-handed knifers of the Puddles are the least of their worries. The night’s tide brings with it an ancient armada of some long-forgotten war and they are the only thing between the mist-shrouded ghost fleet and Absalom’s utter oblivion.

Following their ventures beneath the Blakros Museum the agents take some time to themselves. Albert and Lothaire dedicate time to their studies at the Arcanamirium. A’hymhu continues building himself a new crossbow and training up his newly purchased pet dog. Meanwhile, Julien volunteers his appraisal skills to the artistic and cultured of the Ivy District in the hopes of currying good favor. Bundin invests himself further into helping the needy of the Precipice Quarter, building their trust and purchasing the materials to construct an altar to Torag with their assistance.

After ten days entertaining themselves the group receive contact from Alexis to meet him at the Scholars Quill late on the first Wealday of Desnus. On arrival Alexis advises the group that he has a simple task for them to perform, just to keep their skills sharp. The diviner requests that the agents travel to the Puddles, Absaloms poorest district, to retrieve an ancient Taldor codebook from an elderly military historian named Yargos Gill. While Alexis has no issue with Yargos, he is concerned that the old man will lose the book to one of the criminal elements operating from the Puddles.

Following the advice of their employer the agents make their way to the Soggy Piper, Yargos tavern of choice. Within they quickly learn that the historian and a few of his associates were recently dragged out by half a dozen young Warhounder thugs. Luckily they are able to save Yargos and his associates from being thrown off Torsens Maw and into the sea below, dispatching the Warhounder initiates in the process. Unfortunately, Yargos advises the group that the Warhounder leader, Nessian, already has the codebook and that he can use it to restart the Silent Tide and control the Black Echelon. Yargos explains that the codebook was to signal an ancient Taldor sea invasion that was thankfully stopped, however, all the invader took an oath called the Binding Word that compels them to complete their invasion even in death, should the signals from the codebook be given. Nessian plans to use the Silent Tide and its undead Black Echelon operatives to hold Absalom to ransom and secure his criminal repuation. Yargos suggests approaching Grandmaster Torch, a local information broker, to learn of Nessians location.

The agents journey to meet Grandmaster Torch is interrupted when they and Yaris notice signal lights flashing across Absalom. Yaris explains that Nessian is signalling the Black Echelon to poison the Puddles granary, which still supply alot of Absalom. The heroes rush to the granary and manage to destroy the silent undead before they’re able to carry out their sinister objective.

Yaris leads the agents into the Siphons, the waterlogged sewers beneath the Puddles, and into the lair of Grandmaster Torch. Torch agrees to share the information he has on Nessian in return for the agents cracking open five elaborate safes that have fallen into his possession. The five don’t disappoint and Torch upholds his end of the bargain, advising the group that Nessian is holed up in an old siege tower in the Cairnlands.


No sooner have the group begun to leave Absalom to confront Nessian do they see another series of lights. Yargos advises that this is the final series to signal for the Black Echelon to silence the music at the great Metro-Cathedral of Abadar in the Puddles. The silence of the cathedral on an Oathday morning will act as the sign for the Silent Tide attack to begin. The agents backtrack into the Puddles to the Metro-Cathedral, a once great bastion of the god Abadar that is now only used to play the Oathday hymn to remind the citizens of Absalom to uphold their agreements. On arrival they find all the initiates of Abadar murdered, bar one, and the Black Echelon agents silencing the huge organ. The heroes manage to overpower the undead and with the remainning initiates help are able to keep the organ playing long enough so as now to signal the start of the Silent Tide.

With time finally on their side the group make for Nessians hideout once more. The ‘Pyramid of the Dog’ proves to not be a pyramid at all, but rather a collection of siege towers collapsed against each other. The agents spring into action against the remaining Warhounders, eventually felling them and confronting Nessian himself. Bundin finds the thug a worthy foe, getting knocked unconscious by a lucky punch from the dirty fighter. However the efforts of the rest of the group overpower the would-be crime lord and he eventually yields. Albert discovers the codebook and the team return to Absalom with a captured Nessian in tow.

After turning Nessian over the the authorities the agents return to Alexis and update him on their nightly activities. Again impressed at their resourcefulness Alexis pays them all handsomely and thanks them for their defense of Absalom. While almost all the populace of Absalom remain blissfully unaware of how perilously close they came to a invasion of a spectral armada, those few that know of the heroes efforts are incredibly grateful, especially Yargos Gill.

Before the group retire for the day Alexis gives Julien a letter that was dropped off for him. It appears the letter is from Albert Doels family, inviting Julien and his kin for dinner.



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