The Blakros Matrimony

The eldest daughter of the prominent Blakros family is set to wed an influential Hellknight, and the Agents of the Varlokkur are invited to the festivities. Dressed for a wedding befitting royalty, the agents attend the ceremony on behalf of their superiors but will their presence ultimately strengthen their relationship with the influential Blakroses, or will events at the wedding bring the already tenuous alliance to a breaking point?

Despite their brief break, the death of Lothaire still weighs heavily on the agents. Despite their grief, Alexis summons the group together and advises them that they will still have to continue with their efforts to ensure that their allies death was not in vain. The diviner advises that the Blakros family are set to wed Michellia Blakros to a powerful Hellknight on the nearby Pariol Island. Given that several of the agents were responsible for rescuing Michellia from the Onyx Alliance, they have secured an invitation to the high profile event. While Alexis makes it clear he has no doubt in his remaining agents abilities, he had made the decision to add two more to their number, to offset the loss of Julian Ormontagne and Lothaire. Firstly, Nazuk Kasiis, the slyph informant that assisted against the harpies in the Cairnlands, has agreed to join and add her unique skillset to their endevours. Secondly, Malias Dyce, an inquisitor of Iomedae and recent apprentice of fellow Varlokkur and witch hunter, Alissa Bronte. Despite some reservations, the current agents welcome their new allies and prepare to depart to the wedding with their instructions to earn the favor and support of as many of the influential guests as possible.

The agents arrive at the wedding without incident, attired in their finest clothing. It becomes clear that the Blakros family have spared no expense on the event and the agents observe some of the most powerful individuals in Absalom are present. Shortly after their arrival on the island the group our approached by an undercover Alissa Bronte, who advises them of what she knows of the various personas present. With Alissas information, the heroes attend the evening festivities prior to the wedding the next day. As most of the agents work the crowd, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nigel Aldain, Hamaria Blakros, Imrizade Blakros and numerous other indviduals, Nazuk scouts across the island, learning the lay of the land. As the evening days to a close, the agents turn in comfortable that they have made good impressions so far.

The next morning, the heroes join the other guests at the wedding ceremony to witness Michellia web Damian Kastner. The wedding goes off surprisingly well, with the exception of a brief outburst from Alexander Bedard, a member of the Andoren People’s Council and former suitor of the bride. After the ceremony, all the guests and the agents move to the reception, where the agents are able to further mingle with and impress the various guests. Albert bumps into Artore Sadailis and Benoit Ormontagne amidst the crowd, and briefly speaks to the two. The agents also meet Tancred Desimire, cousin of the groom and representative of the Chelish governement, who seems alittle uncomfortable throughout the wedding. Following more socialising, the group take their seats and listen to a pleathora of speeches and congratualtions from the head table. Eventually Damian Kastner takes his turn to toast his new bride, offering his familys manor in Ostergarde causing something of a commotion.

Shortly after the meal has drawn to a close and the the guests are once again talking amongst themselves, the newly wed groom ushers the agents aside for a private conversation. Damian confesses he is worried about Michellia, as she seems to have disappeared. While he is sure it is nothing to panic about, the retired Hellknight confesses he knows of the groups reputation and would appreciate if they would look for her. Glad for a chance to escape the fawning of the wedding, the agents agreed and head off to investigate the Blakros old summer home on Kastners advice.

A’hymhu easily locates a pair of tracks at the summer house and follows them to the beach where they discover an unconcious Michellia being loaded into a longboat by her twin sister, Eleanir and a group fo Ulfen barbarians. Eleanir briefly attempts to convice the group that she is her sister, but Malias easily see’s through the ruse. Despite the heroes attempts at a diplomatic solution, the barbarians rush in to attack. A brief fight erupts, and the agents quickly defeat and dispatch the barbarians, even without their full complement of the arms and armour. With the Ulfens defeated, the group return both Eleanir and Michellia to the wedding, much to Damians gratitude.


As the group rejoin the celebrations, the pavillion comes under the address of one of the guard mercenarys named Alistair Fourchek. Taking the stage the mercenary proclaims himself ‘Arastrax of the Onyx Alliance’ and informs the gathered attendees that they are surrounded and that he will soon feast on their souls. The surrounding area quickly fills with the sounds of yelling and screaming as combat erupts outside the pavilon. As the agents emerge, they find the island under siege by a host of demons. A vicious and chaotic fight erupts across the island and pavillon as guests, guards and demons fight and flee. The agents quickly set to work defending the guests from the attacking horrors. A’hymhu launches a flurry of arrows at Alistair, slaying the man and ejecting the possessing creature, a bat winged shadow demon, from the man. The group come together to fight the demon and its babau guards, while allies such as Artore and Alissa move through the crowd assisting in the defense with sword and sorcery. Eventually, the shadow demon is felled and the attacks relent as the heroes remain victorious.

Hamaria Blakros calls an end to the festivities and the surviving mercenaries round up the guests and usher them to the pier. The agents, along with the rest of the guests, are sailed back to Absalom. The boat ride proves to be a somber affair, the joy of the wedding exlipsed by the unexpected death and destruction the demons laid upon the island. Nevertheless, when the group report back to Alexis, he advises that their popularity at the event and sucessful defense of the guests will doubtless have earned them several allies.



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