Alexis Dashwood

Divining justicar of the Varlokkur


Alexis is a handsome man in his early thirties. He is typically found dressed in the finery expected of someone from his social background, and not in the way many would anticipate a diviner of his status. His hair is an auburn brown and usually left loose and free flowing, while his goatee is shaped and well groomed. Alexis goes to no pains to hide the fact that he enjoys the finer things in life demonstrated in his style, mannerisms and accommodation. However, Alexis has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is willing to get his hands dirty when conducting his duties for the Varlokkur.

As well as coordinating the Agents of the Varlokkur, Alexis also has a significant number of informants and urchins acting on his behalf. His operatives enjoy not just the benefit of his coin, but also the pleasure of his hospitality and friendly demeanor.


Alexis is the eldest child of the respected House Dashwood, a well established family of litigants and accountants. While Alexis had the upmost respect for his immediate family and heritage, he fancied himself doing something a little more exciting. Raised in Absalom, Alexis always had a keen interest in the Arcanamirium and the arcane magic that was taught there. Thanks to his families influence and Alexis own magical aptitude the youth was able to enrol in the prestigious magical school and begin training in wizardry.

While many students at the Arcanamirium followed the path of universal study, Alexis opted to persue studies in the field of divination. Alexis excelled in his chosen field, proving a natural diviner. As Alexis completed his final years at the school tragedy struck; his sister was brutally murdered at the hands of rogue mage. The diviner blamed himself for not forseeing the killing and not being there to protect his sister. His grief and guilt were only increased when his sisters killer was never found and the case was all but abandonned. Alexis swore that he would do all he could with his life to both find his sisters killer and to also ensure nobody else in Absalom lost a loved one to a misuse of magic.

On completion of his studies Alexis immediately struck out to impress the Varlokkur, knowing that he could best achieve his goals in their service. The young man worked tirelessly across Absalom to build his reputation and eventually his hard work paid off and he was admitted into the Varlokkurs ranks. Alexis has had one success after another in the Varlokkur and earnt the respect of many of his peers. Sadly, the Varlokkur still haven’t been able to find his sisters killer.

Most recently Alexis made the suggestion that the Varlokkur cannot be everywhere in Absalom and having groups of trusted, active agents working on their behalf would allow them to address more issues quicker. Alexis has taken point on a pilot testing his theory and led the selection of the first batch of these field operatives. He hopes that if this proves successful the increaseed man power may help him finally catch his sisters murderer.

On the surface Alexis seems light hearted, foppish and somewhat self involved. However, many that come to know the diviner well soon realise that this persona exists to hide the pain that motivates Alexis dedication daily.

Alexis Dashwood

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