Anselm Doel

Famed adventurer and legacy founder


In his prime Anselm Doel was a bear of a man, far taller and broader than the Doel men of this generation. He was considered a handsome man for most of his life, despite a career of adventuring and business taking its toll on his features. Regardless of his physical presence, Anselm was a good man throughout his life with a true passion for exploration and investigation. He loved nothing more than a good adventure, and would often regale his family with stories of his escapades well into his venerable years. Anselm was a renowned swordsman and wordsmith, but also reputed as something as a jack of all trades too.


In many ways Anselm Doel is the founder of the Doel legacy. While he is far from the first Doel, it was Anselms adventures and following business successes that pulled the family out from obscurity.

Anselm rarely spoke of his childhood, merely that he yearned for adventure from an early age. By his late teens Anselm had achieved his dream and secured himself a place in an adventuring company named the Freedom Phalanx. The Freedom Phalanx dreamed of a future devoid of oppressing regimes and corrupt officials, and acted in the interest of the ‘common citizen’. During their early career the members of the group were rarely taken seriously, often seen as little more than a collection of misguided young upstarts. However the groups continued adventures and growing reputation soon silenced their critics. Most famously the group, often led by Anselm himself, saved a Grand Councilman of Absalom, who had been miniaturised and kidnapped by a cabal of rogue wizards. However, numerous tales of their deeds are recorded, including their thwarting of the plans of a bard calling himself The Music Maestro, who intended to control the populace of Absalom using music. The group was also reputed for their multiple confrontations with operatives of the Onyx Alliance and the Aspis Consortium.

It was during his time with the Phalanx that Anselm met his future wife, another member of the company. Eventually, the couple fell pregnant and Anselm elected to retire from the Freedom Phalanx and raise his first born. His wife remained with the Phalanx following giving birth, but gradually the company became less of a presence across the isle of Kortos as its number drifted off in different directions.

Anselm set himself up a trader of curios and artifacts, using the skills and knowledge of such items that he had acquired during his adventures. While he remained dedicated to his family and business, he couldn’t resist the occasional urge to relive his glory days. Nevertheless, Anselm and his wife were able to use the funds they had amassed to found a prosperous merchant household.

Years past and Anselm found himself a grandfather, and in his grandson, Albert, he found a captive audience for the tales of his adventuring days. Anselm adored his grandson, spending enough time with the child to become like a second father. Sadly, time wears down all things and Anselm eventually passed away, an old man surrounded by a caring family. Thankfully, his legacy lives on through the same grandchild he cared so much about.

Anselm Doel

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