Asheron Coyl

Wealthy art collector and critic


Asheron is an elderly man, yet he still maintains his poise and keen appraising stare. He has receding hair that while once black is now flashed with grey hairs. Asherons criticisms of artwork are notorious for being incredibly blunt, for better or worse. Despite his sometimes harsh reviews and stern demeanor, Asheron is a kind man and a trustworthy friend. He has a fondness for anyone with a penchant for adventuring.


Asheron Coyl was a well known supporter of the arts in Absalom as well as an avid collector of rare art pieces and a respected critic. He lived in a modest yet elegant townhouse on a small hillock overlooking Vermillion Way in the Ivy District. He frequently sponsored adventuring expeditions to faraway ruins and lost civilizations in pursuit of ancient art, jewels and relics to add to his collection. Asheron murder was a grisly one, carried out by several painted creations of the wizard, Imron Gauthfellow.

Asheron Coyl

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