Balenar Forsend

Seasoned Pathfinder storyteller and longtime ally


Balenar is an attractive man of Taldan heritage. His features are framed beneath his thick brown hair and beard. Balenar enjoys the sound of his own voice and speaks often and at length, but not to the point of being annoying or a braggart. Balenar is good-hearted individual, despite having weathered some tough times in the Pathfinder Society. In the past five years, the bard has embarked on numerous dangerous adventures of his own, but has managed to survive and grown hardier as a result.


Balenar Forsend is a charismatic wordsmith and capable operative of the Pathfinder Society. For a long time he was desperately seeking a way to earn the respect of his fellow Pathfinders by being involved in some adventure or expedition that would allow his regale any that would listen with true tales of his exciting lifestyle. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too successful in those pursuits for some time. While he was part of several low profile assignments for the Pathfinders, he continuously failed to stand out from the crowd.

Balenar thought his fortunes had changed when he was the first adventurer to come across the ruined entryway to the Fallen Fortress. Sadly, he was captured by a tribe of troglodytes shortly after breaching the walls himself. Luckily Balenar was rescued by a handful of agents of the Varlokkur who were investigating the fortress a few days later. He then helped the rescuers defeat his captors and returned to Absalom to await his next assignment.

Following his return to the Grand Lodge, Balenar became the agents go to contact with any business relating to the Pathfinders, as well as one of their most vocal advocates. While not dealing with the minor assignments he typically got offered, he would usually regale his fellow Pathfinders with tales of the agents that rescued him.

Perhaps as a result of his friendship with the Champions of Absalom, Balenar found himself being brought onto more and more dangerous missions. Over the past five years the bards profile has increased dramatically, with the aspiring wordsmith travelling across the Inner Sea at the Societies behest. However, no event had as much impact upon Balenar as the Societies recent campaign in the Worldwound. Having spent the better part of the past year facing untold horrors, the bard that returned to Absalom was a much more seasoned individual. Nevertheless, he managed to retain his positive mindset and continues to be pleasant, if less innocent, company.

Prior to the ‘Siege of Absalom’, Balenar led an expedition into the Cairnlands, only to briefly tumble into a temporary portal to the Dark Tapestry. The experience drove the kind hearted bard mad, and despite the Society returning him to Absalom and attempting to treat him, Balenar eventually snapped and mutated into a nightmarish aberration himself. While the Champions of Absalom defended the population of the temples nearby, Balenar was slain by desperate Pathfinders before he could cause too much death and panic within the city walls.

Balenar Forsend

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