Benoit Ormontagne

Wealthy and successful jeweller


Like his son, Julian, Benoit is an attractive and charismatic individual. His hair is fairer than his eldests, and he typically sports a manicured beard. In his middle years, Benoit wears all the trappings of an affluent merchant and trader.

Benoit is a kind man, dedicated to his craft and his family. Accustomed to being an influential figure, he has struggled adapting to working from the ground up again in Absalom, especially considering the magnitude of the city. Nevertheless, Benoit continues to persevere in the face adversity, supported by the knowledge that his sons are coming of an age where they can assist in the growth of the business.


Raised in the Galt capital of Isarn, Benoit is no stranger to beauty. Galt had two things to offer the young merchant, an appreciation of fine art and fear for the future of his country. Regardless of his concerns, Benoit grew into a prosperous jewellery appraiser and trader, winning the hand of a beautiful woman to share his life in the process. Benoit had it all. But his success drew the ire of the mobs that plague Galt. As Benoit and his wife tried to raise a family and run a business they found themselves hounded for years by angry gangs. Year after year the harassment grew worse. Eventually Benoit had had enough, he sold off his store front, picked up his business and his family and decided to move to Absalom.

While the Ormontagne are still building a name for themselves in Absalom, the efforts of Benoit and his energetic son, Julian are gradually increasing the pull they have in the city at the center of the world. Benoit views Julians unexpected position as an agent of the Varlokkur as a windfall, hopeful that his new found position will cement their prestige.

Benoit is currently attempting to earn his family and store membership into the Ivy District ‘Coalition of Artisans’, a loose organization for those dedicated to crafting works of art and beauty.

Benoit Ormontagne

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