Brenna Ormontagne

Eloquent politician and litigant


Brenna pays more than a passing resemblance to her mother, sharing her raven black hair and slightly pale complexion. She is slim, with fairly angular features and eyes that are not unlike Alberts. Brenna embodies her mothers interest in social ascent, but does not mirror her aggressiveness. Brenna is easily the most socially apt of the Doel children, enjoying the company of others. Brenna admires her elder brothers magical aptitude and while she claims to find his protectiveness somewhat patronising, she actually finds it quite comforting in the wake of her mothers coldness.


Raised alongside Albert and Clementine Doel, Brenna was always closer to her mother than the rest of the Doel children. Unfortunately, Brenna didn’t fully realise that her closeness with her mother was little more than a fascade to groom her towards political office. As Brenna grew older that relationship grew colder, and the young girl found comfort in the company of her older brother Albert. The two bonded over their mutual distrust of their mothers ambition and subtle manipulations of their future. However, despite her own self interest, there was no doubt that Vivienne Doel was trying to escalate her children into positions best for them.

When Albert relocated to the Arcanamirium to officially begin his studies, Brenna decided to invest herself equally in her chosen career path. She forsook her teenage years and elected instead to spend her time either studying or acquainting herself with the circles she would be expected to associate with. As a result Brenna has developed into an expert social butterfly, especially adept at navigating the treacherous waters of Absalom politics. Despite only being in her late teens she is already fairly well reputed in her field, as both a trainee litigant and for her political involvement.

At her mother request, Brenna (initially reluctantly) married Julian Ormontagne, a talented performer and one of her brothers former allies in service to the Varlokkur. Brenna was well aware that her marriage was one of mutual benefit to both families, with the Ormontagnes being both wealthy and increasingly popular and her own family being an established name.

Brenna Ormontagne

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