Celeena Deckland

Vengeful daughter


Celeena is a stunningly beautiful daughter of Cheliax. Unlike her countrymen, her hair is stark white rather than any darker shade. The sorceress carries herself with the poise and dignity of nobility, with the well maintained appearance to support such an assumption. Despite how alluring and disarming her appearance is, there is something inherently darker about the young scion.


The Decklands were an expanding noble family within the social hierarchy of Absalom, owing much of their rise in fame to close ties with the nation of Cheliax. Led by a powerful patriarch, the last leader of the family in Absalom was the esteemed Orias Deckland, a bear of a man who tried to distance his family from their Chelaxian relations. For many years, Orias was considered to be one of the more influential nobles in Absalom—a true proponent of the people.

It was during one of many periods when Absalom’s relations with Cheliax were most strained that Orias was truly tested. Covertly asked by Chelish agents to turn over important documents relating to the defenses of the city, Orias found himself torn between loyalty to his home and to Cheliax, whose support his family had benefited from many times over the years. Despite the ramifications, Orias stood with his city and refused to give any plans to Chelish forces.

The arms of politically inclined Cheliax were longer than even Orias had predicted, and suddenly the Deckland patriarch found himself receiving constant threats against both his family and his own life. The final straw came when Chelaxian agents began to threaten Orias’ only daughter, a lovable young girl named Celeena whom Orias treasured more than all the gold in his family’s possession. In an act of both weakness and compassion, Orias Deckland promised to hand over several defensive plans for the city of Absalom to his Chelaxian contacts in exchange for sparing Celeena.

After hiding a copy of the documents in his family’s vaults, Orias planned to drop the original off with his Cheliax contacts as planned, but he was instead apprehended by forces of the city, who had discovered the treachery. As Orias and his family had been a force of great good for Absalom, his treasonous actions were given leniency and the family was merely expelled from the walls of Absalom. With no other options left, Orias and his family made their way to Cheliax, where they were forced into a minor noble role for Orias’ failings. Since that time, the Decklands have been unable to rise above their minor status, and remain a small and abused family in the often brutal politics of Cheliax.

Celeena was raised on stories of her family’s former grandeur in Absalom and bitter at the disrespect they received in their current home nation of Cheliax, and holds fanciful dreams of revenge.

Celeena Deckland

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