Clementine Doel

Respected acolyte of Abadar


The youngest of the Doel children, Clementine is the least outspoken of the three siblings. Like Albert, Brenna and her mother, Clementine has jet black hair and fair skin. She is a slight young woman, just leaving her teenage years. Clementine has grown into the beauty characterised by her mother and older sister, perhaps even outshining them thanks to her divine favor.

Clementine is unassuming, polite and friendly with all. She was considered to be a shy child, a trait that became more noticeable following her indoctrination into the clergy of Abadar. She still isn’t as able to identify with Albert and Brenna as they are with each other, but she is fond of her elder siblings regardless.


While only a child Clementines mother elected to place her with the temple of Abadar in Absalom. Clementine has been cloistered within the temple as an initiate of the Master of the First Vault since her twelfth birthday, a role she was slow to take to. Vivienne placed her youngest there with the hopes that it would gain the Doels favor with the church and support in their future financial endeavours, which it did.

Clementine received extensive training in both religious doctrine and the skills required to act as a clerk and record keeper during her early teens. While Clementine did not dislike her position and training, it prevented her truly enjoying her childhood like others children. Instead, Clementine had a grueling schedule of study, prayer and examinations to ensure she was as skilled as possible in dealing with matters of civil and financial import. While her involvement in the church certainly made Clementine quieter, she proved herself more than capable at the tasks presented to her and earned the respect of the senior members of the church.

Now a respected acolyte within the church, Clementine conducts her duties quickly and quietly. Her dedication has earned her the favor of the Judge of Gods, and she is now able to work miracles. Unlike many of her peers, Clementine is less mercenary and approaches her religion with alittle more altruism. Her superior choose to ignore this behaviour, given her valuable work ethic.

Clementine Doel

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