Creeley Greeves

Callous moneylender and gang leader


Greeves is the leader of a group of thugs called the Furies. Like the rest of his gang, Greeves is a brutal, uncaring and opportunistic. Despite his ‘profession’ as a moneylender, Greeves is a deadly combatant, often donning his breastplate and wielding his great axe to mete out ‘justice’ to those that fail to repay their debts. Like most residents of the Puddles, he is worn and grisled as a result of his tough lifestyle.


Creeley Greeves has led an unremarkable life. Raised in the waterlogged Puddles district of Absalom, he became involved in the district common and notorious criminal element from a young age. Greeves was able to obtain enough coin to set up his own gang, the Furies and eventually serve as a moneylender to those desperate enough to borrow gold from him.

Greeves has profited from his business, due in no small part to the vicious beatings and punishments he ensures those that fail to pay him back suffer. Greeves and the Furies now occupy an abandoned watch house in one of the slightly more elevated streets of the Puddles.

Creeley Greeves

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