Dorag Gartekson

Venerable high priest of Torag


Dorag is an ancient dwarf at three-hundred and ninety three years old, and life long servant of Torag. The elderly dwarf is stoic, honorable and respectful, the quintessential cleric of the Father of Creation. Like Torag himself, Dorag is distant from his clergy, never showing weakness to those who attend his small church in the Foreign Quarter. Only the few clerics and paladins that he has closely mentored are aware of the old priests growing weakness as age takes its toll. Nevertheless, Dorag remains proud and continues in his duties, even as his venerable body fails him.


Dorag is a private individual, rarely discussing his history. For as long as anyone can remember he has tended the church of Torag in Absaloms Foreign Quarter, training countless paladins and clerics of Torag and sending them out into the world. His most recent apprentice has been Bundin Toragson, who Dorag has shown his usual stoic respect and admiration for.

There are rumours that Dorag was once a great warrior and wandering hero, but Dorag shrugs of these rumours simply responding that he’s been a servant of Torag for as long as he can remember.

Sadly, Dorag passed away shortly after Tempests defeat. Safe in the knowledge that his fellow clerics had been protected.

Dorag Gartekson

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