Eloranta Naslun

Practical wizard and business woman


Eloranta, better known as “Ellie”, is a practically minded woman with a keen eye for untapped potential markets. As well as being an incredibly capable and intelligent spellcaster, Ellie is known to be a shrewd negotiator with a silver tongue.

Ellie is a pretty woman in her early thirties. Her long hair hangs straight across her youthful face, but her attire reflects her practical position as both as wizard and entrepreneur.


Eloranta “Ellie” Naslun is a well-known and well-loved Absalom wizard who travels the Inner Sea hawking her magical creations. Although minor in nature, the items are both practical aand useful for hard-working traders, travelers, and adventurers; favorites include Ellie’s water-proof pack, Ellie’s self-lighting lantern and Ellie’s quickened campsite. Ellie met an unfortunate end during her later explorations of Nightfang Spire.

Eloranta Naslun

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