Fayne Dashwood

Murdered sister


Fayne Dashwood was a beautiful young woman with dark auburn hair and deep eyes. She always wore practical and humble clothing, but this did nothing to detract from her natural good looks. Fayne was kind, compassionate, forgiving and deeply religious. She believed in mercy and helping those less fortunate, always seeing the best in people.

Fayne was very fond of her older brother, Alexis, and was very proud of his successes in the arcane.


Fayne Dashwood was the younger sister of Alexis Dashwood. Like her older sibling she wanted to break away from the Dashwood habitual careers in accounting and litigating. Unlike many of the Dashwood family, Fayne was devoutly religious. From an early age she had a fascination with the church of Sarenrae, that same fascination grew with her adulthood and developed into a strong, personal faith and devotion to the ideals of compassion and peace. Fayne volunteered her every waking moment in service to the church, spending most days and many nights in the less fortunate districts of Absalom. Fayne would help tend the sick, feed the hungry and comfort the lonely.

Sadly, Faynes life of altruism was cut short. One fateful night whilst returning from a soup kitchen in the Puddles, Fayne was attacked and murdered. All evidence at the scene indicated a magical assault, especially the precision burn marks across Faynes body. The Dashwoods were devastated at the loss of their favoured daughter, especially Alexis, who was spurred into joining the Varlokkur and preventing further magical crime.

Fayne Dashwood

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