Gnarl Bonegather

Gnoll slaver and ship captain


Like many gnolls, Captain Bonegather stands slightly taller than a human (despite a slightly stooped posture) on doglike legs. He has the head, neck, and fur of a hyena, with a humanoid torso and arms. His fur varies between dark grey and a dirty brown colouration. Gnarl is not quite as wild as some of his kin, typically donning a chain shirt beneath his ragged leathers and wielding a vicious looking greataxe with brutal expertise.

While the captain can speak the common tongue, he see’s little reason to outside of his role as a slaver.


For as long as anyone that would know can remember, Gnarl has been the captain of the No Return slave vessel. Chances are he was not the original captain, likely killing them and seizing command. However he gained his position, Gnarl and his foreman, Snarl Sorehackle run a tight ship crewed by desperate and morally dubious men. There are few fates worse than being a slave aboard the No Return, and for most, death is a mercy.

Gnarl Bonegather

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