Grandmaster Torch

Notorious information broker


Grandmaster Torch is a charming, soft-spoken man in his late-middle years whose entire body is covered in horrible burn scars, borne from a terrible curse. Due to this fact, he is almost always seen soaking in a cool bath, being tended to by servants. His retinue of heavily armored half-orc bodyguards protects him from any harm, though they seem unable to do anything about his constant burned state.


Little is known of the early life of Grandmaster Torch before he became an information broker. Grandmaster Torch was a field agent for the Pathfinder Society, but his career came to an end in one of the tombs he was exploring. Cursed and left for dead by his peers, he nevertheless managed to escape back to Absalom. His true name, like his career as a Pathfinder, has been left behind in that ancient tomb.

Since that time, Grandmaster Torch returned to Absalom and began accruing favors from the Pathfinder Society.

Torch seems to have recently taken an interest in the Varlokkur operatives, having exchanged information with them in both Absalom and the spice markets of Sedeq in Qadira.

Grandmaster Torch

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