Lord of dread power


Gulthias is an ancient vampire lord and master wizard. His skin is deathly pale, but his eyes burn with crimson hatred. The vampires hair is long and as black as the nights sky. Gulthias style and speech date back an age, giving away the vampires ancient lineage.


The vampire Gulthias was waylaid centuries past. He was staked to the earth in the bowels of a distant citadel. Fortunately, Gulthias evil was not so easily destroyed. Recently freed of his prison, Gulthias once again walks again by night. A vampire lord of considerable power himself, Gulthias serves a greater power still. To that end, the vampire returned to Nightfang Spire.

Once upon a time, Gulthias served as the intermediary of the ancient Ashardalon, a dragon of fell repute. When Ashardalon quit this realm for higher spheres, Gulthias was commanded to make ready for his masters return. Realizing that the wait may be a long one, he and the other true believers magically prolonged their existence. Embracing undeath, Nightfang Spire was transformed from a temple to mortuary; a tombstone marking Ashardalon’s passing and eventual return. If Gulthias had not been delayed, the power of the spire could have been even more terrible. When Gulthias disappeared, the spire fell into a dark sleep, centuries long.

When Gulthias returned, he intended to use the power of Nightfang Spire to wake those who slept to long. The Champions of Absalom had other ideas, transforming the ancient vampire into a sheep before slaying him and causing the destruction of the cursed spire.


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