Gwell Spinner

Murdered priest of Chaldira Zuzaristan


Gwell Spinner was a halfling cleric of Chaldira Zuzaristan, the halfling god of mischief and battle. Much like Chaldira, Gwell was reckless and impulsive, but well intentioned. She acted as the combat medic for the Freedom Phalanx, but her energy and enthusiasm was a huge motivator to the group and often the heart of their adventures. Gwell had a good sense of humor and would often play pranks on other members of the Phalanx, especially to lighten the mood during their darker days.

Despite her small stature and unimposing appearance, Gwell was a surprisingly capable combatant, wielding her deities favored weapon of a short sword with skillful finesse.


Like several other members of the Freedom Phalanx, Gwell was a native to Absalom. Gwell never knew her father, but she knew he was also a priest of Chaldira Zuzaristan and gave his life trying to defend halflings rights. Instead Gwell was raised by her mother. Despite her mothers best attempts, Gwell elected to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a servant of Cladira Zuzaristan.

Gwell had already been on several adventures on her own around the isle of Kortos when she heard of the Freedom Phalanx being founded, and she jumped at the chance to join the ensemble. From that point on Gwell was a permanent fixture in the Phalanx, often leading the charge and rushing them headfirst into countless adventures and investigations. When the time of the Phalanx came to an end, Gwell struggled desperately to try keep the group together, unsure where she belonged if not with them. Despite Gwells best efforts the Phalanx went their own way and Gwell was left to adventure alone again.

Gwell had relatively successful solo career for many years, but she couldn’t reclaim the enthusiasm she’d had alongside the Phalanx. Gwells story came to a brutal and tragic end when she was ambushed in an alleyway following the completion of another successful adventure. Not as light on her feet in her middle years, Gwell was unable to escape her attacker and was brutally murdered. Sadly her killer was never found.

Gwell Spinner

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