Gyr of House Gixx

Primarch of Absalom


Due to many visits in his youth, Lord Gyr has a personal fondness for Cassomir, and occasionally loans out his “summer manor” there to allies, or invites a captain hailing from the port to dinner. He also maintains a private room in Knight Country in Azlanti Keep, free from the hubbub of diplomacy.


Lord Gyr of House Gixx has been Primarch of Absalom since 4660 AR and also holds the titles and responsibilities of Protector of Kortos and First Spell Lord. Lord Gyr spent his earlier decades as a wandering adventurer, returning to his home city in 4660 AR, gaining a high seat on the Grand Council, and using his own troops to quell the rioting in the city. Proving himself politically capable, he brokered deals with the warring parties and the disputes mostly settled. Astoundingly, within 6 months of his arrival in Absalom, he was elected primarch.

Gyr of House Gixx

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