Hamaria Blakros

Influential family matriarch


In her late middle years, Hamaria still maintains the grace, dignity and beauty typically associated with Blakros women. As matriarch of the influential family, Hamaria has an almost tangible presence to her. Hamaria has impeccable manners and social etiquette, and yet she is not above subtle or passive aggressive threats against those that threaten her or the Blakros family. It is no secret that almost every action taken by the matriarch will be in the families best interest, likely calculated to be a beneficial and profitable as possible. No major decision is made by the Blakros family without Hamarias approval


Hamaria is the matriarch and head of the Blakros family. Like almost every daughter of the Blakros family she was raised to be truly desirable and emphasise her beauty and fertility. Hamaria has earned her position through no small amount of careful planning, hard work and dumb luck. While she is the maternal figure to the entire family, Hamaria also has a few of her own children.

Hamaria Blakros

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