Imrizade Blakros

Blakros explorer and adventurer


Imrizade Blakros is half-Osirian, with long, dark hair and light brown skin. Having put her adventuring days behind her, Imrizade is now typically seen the finery associated with her family.


As a child, Imrizade Blakros she would frequently play in the basement of her families museum. One such afternoon she stumbled across a trapdoor leading to a hidden chamber below. Investigating the hidden chamber, Imrizade found the Gate of Beyond. Although the portal was broken and inactive after centruies of neglect, it somehow connected with her, insinuating strange whispers in her young mind. In due time, however, she grew bored with her ‘secret playroom’ and soon the incident slipped from her memory entirely.

Recently, Imrizade, now a daring and successful young adventurer, discovered a strange metal cylinder inscribed with perculiar hieroglyphs while exploring a forgotten Osirian tomb. The cannister was indescribably ancient, older even than the tomb in which it lay. In fact, it dated back to a time in Golarions distant past, when the Gate of Beyond was originally constructed. Something within the cannister became active in Imrizades presence and awakened the part of the adventurers mind that had been touched by the portal as a child. Imrizade became possessed by the artifact and imbued with the knowledge and powers of abberant sorcery.

Under the cannisters sway Imrizade returned to Absalom and the dormant portal beneath the Blakros Museum. In a deranged and manic state the young daughter ventured back into the hidden chamber and began working to reopen the Gate from Beyond. She was prevented from completing her dark task by the Agent of the Varlokkur, who also freed her from the artifacts control.

Imrizade has since remained in the care of the Blakros family, having reported that she suffers from strange nightmares and visions. She has struck up a friendship with one of her rescuers, Albert Doel, with the two meeting every week or so to discuss her experiences.

Imrizade Blakros

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