Jembar Duskyshankle

President of the Coalition of Artisans


Jembar is a friendly gnome with an appreciation of the fine things in life. He has dedicated his life to jewellery and considers himself the go two expert on any such items.

Jembar is aware of the Ormontagnes moving into Absalom and has been watching them with an appraising eye. While he is friendly with Benoit and the other members of the family, it is obvious that he is concerned about the further competition in the Ivy District.


Jembar is the current president of the Coalition of Artisans, an organization of painters, jewelers, potters, sculptors and other artisans dedicated to creating works of art and beauty. Jembar is also a jeweller with a sterling reputation and his own Ivy District store ‘It Sparkles!’ Like most members of the coalition, Jembar is more interested in pursuing his respective craft than anything else, calling meetings only when something important happens in the Ivy District that directly affect the coalitions members.

Jembar has been the owner of ‘It Sparkles!’ since he took over from his father. Outside of his presidency he has had a fairly quiet and uneventful life, focused around his business. Despite his wariness in regards to the Ormontagnes he is still considering them for membership in the coalition.

Jembar Duskyshankle

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