Julian Ormontagne

Exuberant jeweller and entertainer


Julian is a handsome sixteen year old Galtan comedian and storyteller. While still in his late teens, Julian is already in a healthy athletic condition and is a capable combatant as well as a reputed socialite, despite being a little naive. Like most of the Ormontagnes, Julian has brown hair, which he wears fairly long and loose. As a result of his families wealth, Julians attire and equipment is in the most recent styles and of the finest quality.


Julian is the youngest son of the Ormontagne family and grew up surrounded by jewels, precious metals and delicate artworks. As a result of his father and older brothers success following their move to Absalom from Galt, Julian has always enjoyed the benefits of his families wealth. Like most of the Ormontagne family, Julian is charismatic and personable. He has works in the family business since reaching his teenage years, but in recent years he has become more taken with public performance. Julians light hearted and somewhat naive personality has made his stories and comedic routines rather popular and a route easily accessible. However, to his families surprise, Julian elected to serve as an agent of the Varlokkur and assist them with his skills.

Julians diplomatic skills proved invaluable to the agents of the Varlokkur and his lightheartedness often lifted their spirts during their darker moments The young entertainer acted as one of their number for several months until he was eventually offered a place at the White Grotto, Absaloms premier bard college. Despite being somewhat torn about leaving his friends and fellow agents, Julian accepted the place and left the Varlokkur following their assignment in Qadira. It is more than likely that the death of fellow agent, the dwarf paladin Bundin and his own possession in the sewers of Absalom, played a part in Julian deciding to step back from the dangerous lifestyle.

Julian Ormontagne

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