'The Grim'


Karluth is an ambitious, powerful and cunning githyanki, however he is driven by his desire for self-preservation. Like many arcanists, Karluths main strength is his knowledge and magical aptitude. What his visibility lacks in visible strength, he makes up for in arcane might.


More than a century ago, Karluth grew in power by performing a series of arcane experiments in the Astral Plane outpost of Ruun-Khazai. In time, he even started to experiment with eldritch power forbidden by the lich-queen who rules the githyanki – a venture that threatened his essence becoming a meal for the lich-queen. Encouraged by his paramour, a powerful succubus, Karluth decided to place himself and his fortress beyond the lich-queen’s reach. By tricking the other residents of the Ruun-Khazai into sacrificing themselves in an arcane ritual, Karluth conjured forth a powerful astral storm that would drive insane anyone who tried to penetrate its howling winds. Once safe within his storm, Karluth retreated to his study, seeking a deific patron who could further protect him from the lich-queen’s wrath.

When the storm abated a century later, Karluth lacked the victims needed to conjure it again. When the outpost came to the attention of the githyanki, githzerai and the Champions of Absalom, Karluth battled all comers in the hope of retaining his sanctuary. While the wizard was able to drive off the githyanki and githzerai, he was eventually bested by the Champions and surrendered to them, offering information in exchange for protection. Following his defeat, Karluth was sequestered in Sigil by the Champions.


Apotheosis Stem