Kurgan Duminsson

'Grey-Hammer' of the Freedom Phalanx


Kurgan was every bit the dwarven eccentric his reputation painted him as. Always clad in heavy, often charred overalls and wearing thick work gloves and welding goggles. Kurgan had crazy wild white hair sprouting from the back of his balding head and was almost always seen chewing on a cigar as he worked (often with highly explosive materials.) Kurgan was blind in his right eye, following some sort of untold injury.

Beyond his career Kurgan was the quintessential dwarf. Slow to make friends, quick to make enemies and fond of a good pint. Despite himself he was the unintentional comic relief of the Freedom Phalanx, often as the result of another of his inventions going humorously wrong (the most famous being his ‘water closet of youth’, which temporarily turned the entire Phalanx into babies.) Nevertheless, he was tirelessly protective of the Phalanx and saved every member on one or more occasions using his expertise and ingenuity.


Kurgan “Grey-Hammer” Duminsson was the much loved eccentric dwarven alchemist of the Freedom Phalanx. Nicknamed “Grey-Hammer” as a result of his trademark stone hammer, Kurgan was an cantankerous old dwarf whose strangely gained affection in the public eye due to his crazed appearance and fondness for strange contraptions and his array of explosives and potions. Despite himself, Kurgan effectively became the Freedom Phalanx mascot.

Little is known of Kurgans roots, except that he originally hailed from the Five Kings Mountains. He joined the Freedom Phalanx as a result of his unlikely friendship with the then young Anselm Doel. Kurgan acted as the groups arcane expert, specialising in constructions and potions, as well as dabbling with very early firearms. While Kurgan lacked most of the groups youthful vigor and enthusiasm, he went along with them on their adventures out of a mixture of curiosity and to ensure they didn’t get themselves into too much trouble. As chance would have it, Kurgans potions, contraptions and experiments got the Freedom Phalanx into about as much trouble as they got them out of.

As the Phalanx became more renowned it was Anselm and Kurgan (known by the public as “Grey-Hammer”) that would often be seen as the personas of the group. Anselm for his heroism and charm, and Kurgan for his eccentric profession and his ‘dwarfish’ attitude. While Kurgan never admitted to liking his celebrity status as the Phalanx mascot, Anselm would often joke that Kurgan wouldn’t have it any other way.

When the Phalanx finally went their seperate ways, Kurgan announced he would return to the Five Kings Mountains to spend the rest of his days. It is unknown if Kurgan reached his homeland, as he was never heard from again after he left Absalom.

Kurgan Duminsson

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