Lanthel Augethdal

Betrayed lover and elven maid


Lanthel is an enchantingly beautiful elf. She has golden hair that only seems to accentuate the natural glow of her skin. Unfortunately, following the death of Ringion due to A’hymhus jealousy, Lanthel barely talks or leaves her family home. Instead, she sits and silently stares into the forest while her family care for her and maintain her gorgeous locks.


Lanthel Augethdal was raised in a fairly low positioned family in Kyonin. Luckily, Lanthel placed more value on her friends and family growing up, especially her A’hymhu Set’nah. A neighbour from a family not unlike hers. Lanthel and A’hymhu were childhood sweethearts, which for elves is several decades. When A’hymhu left to join the fight against the demon lord Treerazer in the Tanglebriar, Lanthel protested, not wanting to see him fall in battle. However, when A’hymhu decided to go anyway, Lanthel supported him.

While Lanthels love for her betrothed never waned, she did become friendly with a local herbalist, Ringion. Whenever A’hymhu would return to the villiage he saw the friendship blooming between his beloved and someone who got to see her daily and jealousy began to eat at him.

Unknown to Lanthel, when A’hymhu returned to the Tanglebriar he began to plot a way to remove Ringion. Allying himself with one of the very demons he was sworn to hunt, A’hymhu returned once again to his village, allowing the demon to possess him so it could enter the village and slay Ringion. The demon upheld its end of the bargain, butchering Ringion, but during its manifestation it mutated and disabled A’hymhu and proceeded to cut down a dozen elves before it was defeated.

Horrified at what here beloved had done, Lanthel renounced A’hymhu. Heartbroken by his betrayal and following banishment from Kyonin, the elf maiden became quiet and withdrawn, a condition she has never fully recovered from.

Lanthel Augethdal

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