Dim-witted animal handler


Lemedor isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, lacking in both common sense and academic accomplishment. Regardless, he is an able bodied animal handler who takes pride in and shows affection to his charges. The caretaker clearly prefers the company of animals to any other race.

In his mid thirties, Lemedor is a weathered individual with scruffy hair and an unkempt beard. He has a couple of scars as a result of animal encounters gone wrong. He typically wears durable and practical clothing fit for his profession, often carrying his hunting bow even when in civilized society.


Lemedor comes from a family of hunters and rangers, but like him, most of his family are somewhat simple. They enjoy the wilderness and the freedom is affords them. However, Lemedor found the appeal of caring for the exotic animals of the Arcanamirium, so when he was offered the position, he jumped at it. Lemedor has been a good steward to the animals of the university, valuing their company to such a degree that he is able to ignore the sneers and insults directed at him by those who consider themselves his ‘superiors’.

Recently Lemedor was dominated by the lingering presence of the archmage, Lord Corgan, and forced to patrol the sewers beyond Absalom looking for intruders. Luckily, the agents of the Varlokkur were able to subdue the ranger and bring him back to his senses. While shaken up by the experience, Lemedor doesn’t have the focus to dwell on the event, instead turning his mind back to rebuilding the damaged animal holdings.


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