Gate Seeker


Lissandra is straightforward and serious about what she does; she’s the furthest thing for a flirt, as she hates being reduced to an object of beauty. Methodical and patient, she doesn’t care how long it takes to get needed information from a traveler, but she never grills or threatens her quarry.

Lissandra is a big, natural beauty – tall with wide shoulders and thick, blond hair barely restrained by a thin lavender headband. Strong features dominate her face: full brows, tip-tilted green eyes, and a wide mouth. She wears a spare, sleeveless, yellow and lavender robe that’s split up the side for ease of movement. Her strong arms are bare but for luminous gold wristbands and amethyst ring on her left hand. Finally, she’s never without her portal book.


Lissandra originally hails from the prime-material world of Toril, but she relocated to Sigil due to her curiosity into the portals in contained. She spent months in the Fraternity of Order’s library at the City Court pouring over diagrams, scrolls and log books. The faction practically had her taking her oaths of initiation when the young mage ran their well of portal knowledge dry and took her leave. Armed with a wealth of information, Lissandra hit the streets of Sigil again, able to make some coin. She began to sell information about the city;s portals – giving the location, destination and gate key needed.

Lissandra’s blatant defiance of the Guvners and the status quo soon attracted the attention of the Revolutionary League. Within a week, she was a member.


Apotheosis Stem