Lolinda Doel

Cairnlands huntress and guide


Lolinda was a dynamic, adventurous and practical woman. She was renowned for her knowledge of Absalom and the Isle of Kortos, often acting as a guide and scout for any looking to explore the region. Lolinda held a very natural beauty, and even in her worn adventuring gear, up to her knees in mud, she maintained her dignity and allure. Her greatest weakness and strength was her wanderlust, Lolinda adored travelling and being in the wilderness beneath the stars. The only thing Lolinda loved more than this was her loyal dog, Roxy and her family.


Born Lolinda Aldley, Lolinda was the daughter of a low means farmer just outside the great city of Absalom. Even as a child, she was naturally adventurous, often roaming across the farmlands despite her fathers warnings that it would get her into trouble. When Lolinda came of age she took to venturing into the Cairnlands with her loyal canine companion, Roxy. The pair would tirelessly hunt creatures in the badlands, returning home with enough game to supply the family for days at a time. Lolindas repeated trips soon made her something of an expert on the Cairnlands, and even within the city her name was whispered as the person to seek out for such expeditions.

When the Freedom Phalanx was being formed, Anselm Doel and Kurgan Duminsson sought out the young huntress and purchased her services for a venture to a newly located siege tower. The adventure was a success, and with their earnings the Phalanx was officially formed. Having been enticed by the thrill of a true delve into the danger of the wilderness, and finding herself drawn to Anselm, Lolinda became a permanent member in the Phalanx.

After years of successful adventuring, courting and finally marriage, Lolinda eventually fell pregnant with Anselms child. Knowing his wifes wanderlust would never truly subside, Anselm volunteered to stay home with their firstborn while Lolinda returned to adventuring with the Phalanx and Roxy. Lolinda remained an active member of the Phalanx until the group went their separate ways. After the Phalanx disbanded the huntress finally settled into her family life, raising her son and getting to know her grandchildren. Lolinda had a happy and satisfied retirement alongside Anselm, eventually passing away a couple of years after Anselm did, a fulfilled old woman.

Lolinda Doel

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