Maglor Narmolanya

Middle-aged elven warrior and adventurer


Maglor is tall individual, even by elven standards, with a lithe and slender build. His frame is further accentuated by his long, pointed ears. Despite his statue, Maglor is a physically powerful individual even into his middle years. Like all elves he has large, vibrant pupils, his taking on a purple-grey hue. His hair is long and a pale blond colouration. While Maglor often wears fine quality garb when casually around his duties, he is equally often seen in his tailor crafted mithral plate.

Maglor is nearing his two hundredth year of life, having now spent almost a century in Absalom.


Maglor Narmolanya hails from the elven homeland of Kyonin, and spent the first century of his life surrounded by the natural beauty that those lands have to offer. As Maglor grew and the decades past he grew curious about the world beyond Kyonin, especially the lands of the humans. Maglors parents fostered his wanderlust and his father educated the youth in geography, survival and swordplay, ensuring that when the time came that the curious elf decided to leave he would be capable in both body and mind.

On his hundredth birthday Maglor bid farewell to his family and departed Kyonin with a convoy of elves journeying into the southern realms. Maglor traveled for another decade across much of the Inner Sea, eventually arriving at Absalom. Immediately the young warrior fell in love with the cosmopolitan city and it’s varied cultures, quickly finding himself a home in the Foreign Quarter and settling in.

Within a few years of living in the city, Maglor learnt of the Freedom Phalanx, a recently formed group of adventurers. Maglor was fascinated by their endeavours and set about earning himself a place within their ranks. This didn’t prove difficult, despite still being relatively young for an elf, Maglor was a skilled fighter and a welcome member of the Phalanx. Maglor remained with the Phalanx for over twenty years but when the group eventually parted ways Maglor became somewhat introverted and disappeared from the public eye.

Following several years of privacy and stewing in his own bitterness, Maglor has elected to rebuild the Freedom Phalanx with him at its head and finally reap the benefit and fame that should have been afforded to him several years ago. Maglor has used a trial by fire technique, hiring under-experienced adventurers and sending them on assignments they are probably not be prepared for (such as ventures into the Spire of Nex). The survivors have then been refined into the warriors elite team, used to assist him in his search for an item known as the The Earthcrown, an artifact he learnt of during his time as part of the Freedom Phalanx.

Maglor Narmolanya

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