Maren Fuln

Journeyman transmuter


Despite being in his mid-twenties Maren has a surprisingly youthful appearance. He has tidy blonde hair and fair features to match it. He has taken to wearing a wardrobe that consists almost entirely of red robes.


Maren Fuln is a young wizard who spends most of his days residing in the Arcanamirium in Absalom. A competent wizard, he holds the position of journeyman in the arcane school, which gives him considerable authority over other students. While Maren isn’t cruel to the apprentices in his service, he has been known to take advantage of the control he has over them. He is well-versed in Absalom’s history, and has a preference for transmutation magic.

Maren recently came to the attention of the Agents of the Varlokkur when he recruited their aid in retrieving a gem containing the trapped spirit of a power necromancer and demonologist. The agents carried out the transmuters task, but the journeymans carelessness caused some friction between him and Lothaire and Albert.

Despite the animosity between them, Maren has received another visit from Lothaire and Albert with regards to his knowledge of a history book on Absalom held in the Balkros museum. While Maren was cooperative his attitude did nothing to improve the relationship between the three.

There have been rumours that Marens boyish good looks have caught the eye of more than one foreign noblewoman recently, but they have yet to be confirmed.

Maren Fuln

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