Ambitious thug


Nessian is an athletic young criminal of Kelish descent. He is ambitious, ruthless and somewhat over-reaching. Nessian demands absolute loyalty from his personal gang, the Warhounds, commanding them through intimidation. For all his bravado and barking, Nessian is a coward at heart, relying on extortion and dirty tricks to get results.


Nessians parents were Kelesh immigrants to the great city of Absalom, hopeful for a brighter future for their family. Despite his families best efforts, Nessian had no interest in their vision. Instead, he was more focused on the quickest and easiest way to acquire wealth and power for himself. Nessian had relative success setting himself up as the leader of a small time gang known as the ‘Warhounds’, even securing the group a fortified siege tower in the Cairnlands. However, Nessian pictured himself much higher in criminal society, so when the chance to hold all of Absalom to ransom at the threat of the Silent Tide presented itself, he simply couldn’t resist. Nessians plans may have been successful had they not come to the attention of the agents of the Varlokkur. The agents bought Nessians plans tumbling down, killed most of his gang and handed the gang leader over to the authorities to answer for his catalog of crimes.


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