Nigel Aldain

Nervous curator


Nigel is a rather unpleasant and nervous elf, with something of a chip on his shoulder. He has long, dark hair and wears spectacles that often slide down his slender elven nose. Nigel is a craven, entitled and self serving curator, and will often make demands of indivuals regardless of their position. Nigels biggest fear is failing the Blakros family and losing what little power and influence he has gathered in their service.


Nigel Aldain is the current curator of the private Blakros Museum. Nigel was formerly a member of the Pathfinder Society, however there is no love loss between himself and the society. For some time Nigel ensured that the Pathfinders did not have access to the rare (and often dubious) items and tomes assembled in the Blakros collection, but has recently allowed them entry on occasion. Nigel gained his curator position upon marrying Dhrami Blakros, a half Vudran daughter of the Blakros family.

Nigel Aldain

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