Nuar Spiritskin

Minotaur prince of Absalom


Unlike most other minotaurs, Nuar Spiritskin is about the height and weight of a typical male human. As an albino minotaur, he is somewhat distrusted by his own brethren. Despite his heritage, Nuar has developed a fondness for the finer things in life, his new position as diplomat now affording him such luxuries.


Nuar Spiritskin was born to a tribe of minotaurs from the Kortos Mounts. Despite his small stature, he managed to gain some respect in the tribe due to his intelligence and capacity as a spiritual leader. However, he was nearly killed and banished after attempting to gain control of the tribe. He later relocated to Absalom where a chance meeting had him rescue a man being roughed up by sailors. The man was actually Lord Gyr, the Primarch of Absalom. As a reward, Nuar was recognized as the Prince of Minotaurs.
His new position officially makes him the representative of the minotaur peoples in the region. However, most minotaur tribes are not as politically minded as Nuar, making this position mostly ceremonial.

Nuar Spiritskin

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