Vincenzo Ormontagne

Responsible businessman and grounded brother


Vincenzo is’t quite as handsome as his father or brother, but he still embodies the Ormontagne charm. He shares his brothers light brown hair and youthful features. Vincenzo is a few years older than Julian, and his behavior clearly reflects this. Vincenzo is focused on the family business and has a very logical and financial outlook on his life. While he finds Julians exuberant lifestyle quaint, Vincenzo has no interest in living in such a free spirited way. Regardless of their differences Vicenzo looks out for his little brother, and hopes that one day Julian will settle into the family business and aid him in running it when their father passes away.

Vicenzo is likely the most worldly of the Ormontagnes, often travelling away to remote countries to purchase rare and exotic pieces for his father to sell on at a notable profit.


Vincenzo Ormontagne

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