Adolescent troglodyte survivor


Porlaks appearance in typical of an adolescent troglodyte. His scaly reptilian skin is a combination of grey and brown and he has not fully grown into his frame. Like all troglodytes he is surrounded by a pungent odour, but his is perhaps worse than others.

Porlaks thoughts are often of his continued existence. Lurking as close to Absalom as both his adoptive tribes have, Porloak knows that death waits for him at the end of every watchmans cudgel. As such, Porlak has developed a keen survival instinct, which has apparently served him well.

Following his survival of two encounters with the Agents of the Varlokkur, Porlak has come to view himself as favored of Zevgavizeb, lord of reptiles.


Born in the Darklands beneath Absalom, Porlak was raised in the tribe that would eventually fall under the command of Tasskar. Like many adolescents Porlak followed under the slightly older troglodytes leadership and saw great things for himself when Tasskar led them up into the Fallen Fortress.

Unfortunately these dreams were cut short when the agents of the Varlokkur slew Tasskar and sent Porlak packing into the wilderness.

Luckily, while scavenging in the Cairnlands, Porlak was recruited by some older troglodytes into a growing tribe following the Crocodile King beneath Absalom.

Within a week the agents of the Varlokkur had slain the king and Porlak barely escaped with his life.

Porlak is now once again wandering alone. While glad of his continued survival, he is somewhat disheartened that twice his dreams have been snatched away by the investigators!


Apotheosis Stem