Artore Sadailis



As Artore;

Artore has the typically pale skin associated with Chelaxians. In his mid thirties, Artore has a thick head of dark hair and a beard to match. He is a handsome man, outwardly confident in his own ability and skill. Despite his charisma Artore prefers his own company, having never taken a wife and often seeming uncomfortable when in the company of women, especially if any of them display any affection towards him. Nevertheless, he is always happy to discuss arcane talent, either learned and natural. Artore is a atheist activist, believing that the future of the mortals of Golarion lies in their own hands and not in the hands of outdated deities. He denies the gods are truly divine and thus not deserving of worship or blind faith.

As Tempest;

From the description given of him by others, Tempest is an elderly, yet surprisingly spry man. He has stark white hair and a pale complexion. His clothing is a deep blue, displaying clear signs of both gradual wear and battle damage. If those who have spotted him are to be believed, Tempest is a daunting sight to behold, flying within his own private lightning storm. Tempests murders are brutal, but thankfully it appears his victims do not seem to have time to suffer.


Artore is a very private about his personal life, preferring to discuss matters such a magic, religion or politics. What is know of the sorcerers past is that he is originally from Cheliax, having made his way to Absalom in his late teens. From his earliest days in Absalom he became known as a noteworthy sorcerer and man of strong convictions. Artore first came to the attentions of Absaloms elite as a result of his controversial seminars on atheism. Despite (or perhaps because of) his questionable attitude to the divine, Artore was offered a position as a part time lecturer at the Arcanamirium. The young sorcerer lectures typically revolved around either the debate around trained and inherited arcane talent (Artore having gone on record to say that he is envious of the strength of character possessed by those who manage to learn magic, rather than simply inherit it as he had) or regarding Artores unique stance on religion.

During his years in Absalom the young Artore developed quite a following, from both students and the common folk. There were concerns that should his reputation grow any further there may be those who decided to strike out against Artore for his lack of faith. Just shy of a decade ago Artore announced his intention to leave Absalom and travel across Golarion. Following his departure. the growing movement of atheism quickly fell into decline, now noted as little more than a phase a small percentage of the population of Absalom dabbled in.

Recently, Artore returned to Absalom. He has been granted his position once again at the Arcanamirium, on the understanding that he doesn’t generate quite so much noise about his stance on religion. Artore agreed, advising that his travels had calmed his rhetoric and made him more sensitive to others religious motivations.

Artore Sadailis

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