Thea Elinald

Former smuggler turned legitimate


Thea is an athletic, aspiring young woman who dreams of bigger things. She has shoulder length blonde hair and stark blue eyes. Her attire is typically practical to whatever interest she is currently pursuing.

Thea is quite a talkative individual, accept if the conversation drifts onto her past. She is very private about her history and prefers to live in the moment. She is clearly quite taken with A’hymhu but enjoys the secretive nature of their tryst.


Thea is the daughter of a former Absalom crime lord and was raised into that lifestyle. From a young age she was operating as a drug runner and smuggler, a career she took to with some aptitude. When Theas father suspiciously disappeared she decided to continue her lifestyle as an independent contractor, a role that earned her no small amount of gold and an equal amount of animosity. Following several attempts on her life and a brief stint of incarceration Thea decided to use her skills in other ways, instead applying for position as an agent of the Varlokkur. While Thea was apparently unsuccessful in her application, she did meet the elf A’hymhu. Given the pairs jaded pasts they hit it off and became an item. Thea now supports herself by running a small stall in the Coins where she trades in an eclectic selection of items.

Thea Elinald

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