Former barmaid and ally


Thernda is a friendly, flirtatious and talkative young woman who takes pleasure in her place in life. The has full, chestnut brown hair and a kind, soft face. Thernda is dedicated to her position at the Scholars Quill and enjoys seeing the students and professors at the Arcanimirium relax within its walls. She respects the privacy of her patrons and tries to ensure she serves their needs in any way that doesn’t conflict with her moral code.

Despite herself, Thernda had something of a soft spot for Julian Ormontagne. The young bards charms and good intentions grew on the friendly barmaid and she enjoyed his enthusiastic stories more and more with each telling.


Thernda is the daughter of an Absalom dockwocker and stevadore. Like her father she developed a strong work ethic and was cleaning mugs in the dockside taverns by the time she was ten. Thernda worked her way up as a barmaid, getting her first position in the same taverns she’d cleaned cups in, then eventually being headhunted to the Saucy Wench in the Coins. Following a brief, but successful stint there, Thernda netted herself the role of senior barmaid at the Scholars Quill as a result of her friendly disposition and social aptitude.

Thernda also served as the shop keep for the Champions of Absaloms fake storefront for over five years, considering moonlighting for the heroes an honor. However, recently the womans father has arranged a potential marriage for her in Taldor, meaning she must now consider leaving her position in favor of her future.


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