Vivienne Doel

Shrewd matriarch of House Doel


Vivienne is a beautiful, obviously socially powerful, middle aged woman. Like all her children she has raven black hair and slightly fair skin, her delicate features almost untouched by age or the birthing and raising of three children. Vivienne makes a point in dressing in all the latest fashion and always showing her best side publicly. As her husband is becoming less interested in the family and more interested in the bottom of a bottle, Vivienne is gradually stepping out from the shadows and becoming the public face of House Doel.

On the surface, Vivienne Doel is ambitious and ruthless. She is perceptive, cunning and manipulative. However, she is also fiercely protective of her children and family, using her aggressive skill set to maneuver her family into the best possible position for her own ends and their future. Vivienne views herself as a woman who’s hand has been forced into participating in Absaloms shadow war by her husbands apathy and inadequacy. Thankfully, Viviennes discerning approach to her childrens abilities has allowed her to groom them into professions and fields where they are able to excel and reflect as well as possible on herself and House Doel.


Vivienne Doel was born Vivienne Siddons, to a cobbler who operated a stall out of the Coins in Absalom. While Viviennes family were far from affluent, they managed thanks to her fathers hard work and sensible spending. Unfortunately, as time passed Viviennes father lost interest in his business and turned to drink. As the family lapsed into squalor Viviennes mother stood by and watched it happen. The family grew desperate, with her father taking loans from questionable sources to survive and maintain his habit.

Vivienne elected to escape her family, ashamed of both her parents. She struck lucky when she caught the eye of Everett Doel. The son of a reputed retired adventurer turned merchant, Everett was a catch. He pursued the beautiful, young Vivienne and she allowed him to win her hand. The two were happily wed, soon giving birth to their first son, Albert. Young Albert was the apple of his grandfathers eye, who doted on the boy constantly. However, time took its toll on Everetts father, and the man started to grow weak and infirm with age. Everett took his fathers decline badly, struggling to motivate himself to run his fathers business. When the old adventurer eventually moved beyond the veil Everett sold the business to fund his family. Between the business sale and Everetts inheritance the family were elevated in wealth rapidly. However, Everett had become a shadow of himself as a result of the tragedy. Vivienne saw history repeating itself as her husband hit the bottle and she refused to suffer the same fate twice.

Vivienne quickly began to groom Albert and their two young daughters, Brenna and Clementine, for positions that would afford the family influence and affluence. At first she took no pleasure in the role, simply seeing it as a means as an end for the family to prosper. But as the children began to grow, so did Viviennes ambitious. She began to live vicariously through her offsprings successes. As Everett slipped further into decline, Vivienne remained in the shadows, manipulating him to attend events and use his fathers name to escalate the families potential options. Albert was accepted at the Arcanamirium, Brenna started training as a litigant and Clementine would eventually be taken on as an initiate at the Temple of Abadar. Vivienne has seen her family go from strength to strength as a result of her machinations, and she shows no sign of stopping, seemingly unaware that what started as good intentions has turned into blind ambition. Her relationship with all her children has soured as a result of the pressure she has placed on them, another fact that has escaped her perceptive eye. Her husband is little more than a drunkard now, one that she manages to keep sober when he’s either around the children or they are forced to attend a social event together.

Vivienne Doel

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