Yargos Gill

Military historian fallen on hard times


Yargos is a friendly and well meaning old man with a fondness for history, women and gambling. Despite being in something of a financial flunk, he does still manage to obtain the occasional valuable text, typically as a result of a lucky hand in a game of cards. While Yargos is getting on in years, he is still young in mind and has a fondness for life. It is perhaps his ‘youthful enthusiasm’ that has led him off his prosperous path as a scholar and onto a somewhat rockier road.


Yargos Gill is a military historian and compulsive gambler in the Puddles district of Absalom. In 4709 AR he came into possession of a centuries-old codebook used by the Black Echelon to infiltrate and weaken the city’s defenses in preparation for the Silent Tide. Gill unwittingly set into motion the operatives’ plan, and the book was taken from him by Nessian, leader of the War Hounders gang. He enlisted the help of the Agents of the Varlokkur to recover it and end the threat against the city.

Having survived the particularly nasty situation with Nessian and the Silent Tide, Yargos has now entered into the employ of the Andoren government to assist in their research against their fiendish allies of Cheliax, hoping to take his mind off his gambling addiction and back to more ‘appropriate’ endeavours.

Yargos Gill

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