Yasmin Kal’al

Qadiran beauty and aide


Yasmin Kal’al is a strikingly beautiful woman, slender and dark, who dresses in the most modern Qadiran fashions. Her Qadiran heritage is clear in both her appearance and heavy accent. She has no issues with displaying her opulent wealth both on her person and in her surroundings.


Yasmin does not discuss her history or the origin of her wealth, which leads many to suspect that it is illegal in nature. However, given her respectable knowledge of artifacts and trade there is every likelihood that she was able to procure it through official channels.

Yasmin often acts as a point of contact and occasional informant to a number of official bodies in Absalom, but her loyalties still lie with her homeland. She simply wishes to foster goodwill between the two bodies.

Yasmin Kal’al

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