Stoic watcher and agent of the Everlight


Like many of his kind, Ybdiel is stoic and stern. Yet as a creature of good he is also kind, merciful and compassionate. He wants what is best for all and strives to redeem evil and protect goodness. Despite his wisdom and centuries of service, Ybdiel can sometimes be shortsighted and act recklessly, endangering himself and others.

Ybdiel appears as a stunningly handsome human with large, feathery wings. He has dark brown skin, jet hair, green eyes and a strong bulky frame. The deva traditionally wields a large golden mace, and stands an impressive seven feet tall.


Ybdiels history prior to his existence as a monadic deva are perhaps as much a mystery to him as they are to anyone else. Given his position as both an officer and liason of the godess Sarenrae, it is fair to assume that he was a creature of great good. Most recently, Ybdiel has been tasked to travel the many levels of the Abyss, seking out the plans of Lindyrm, a sinister demon lord. Given that the task required subtlety, intrigue and stealth, Ybdiel knew that even masking his form wouldn’t hide his aura of holiness within the Abyss, so in order to successfully infiltrate his enemies plane, the deva gave up his holy spark to a man named Fachan. With his disguise complete, Ybdiel entered the Abyss and began his mission.


Apotheosis Stem