Kol Makaz

Dwarven Black Blade

weapon (melee)

Kol Makaz is a longsword, clearly of dwarven craftsmanship. The blade is jet black, etched with fine dwarven runes along its centre. The design of the hilt, grip and pommel equally reflect practical dwarven craft, with simple, yet efficient design. Despite its simplistic design Kol Makaz hums with suppressed arcane energy.

Kol Makaz grows stronger and more conversational as time progresses. It’s name is dwarven for ‘Weapon of the Night’.


Kol Makaz was discovered in the sewers by dwarven magic, Lothaire. Unsure of the source of it’s power, Lothaire felt a bond to the weapon and used it throughout his service to the Varlokkur. Kol Makaz was buried alongside Lothaire after the magus was killed by one of his possessed allies.

Kol Makaz

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