The Freedom Phalanx

The Freedom Phalanx were a group of like minded individuals that bonded together for three reasons. Oppose criminals and oppressive regimes, protect the rights and freedom of the citizens of the Isle of Kortos and to embark on exciting adventures. There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the Phalanx succeeded in their mission objectives.

The Freedom Phalanx was at it’s peak from around 4650 AR until roughly 4670 AR. However giving the groups fast and loose organisation it is difficult for anyone, even it’s members, to really chart it’s beginning, or even its true end. During their early days, the Freedom Phalanx was seen by many as little more than a collection of young miscreants that lacked any true direction. But, years acting in the best interests of Absalom and the surrounding area soon earned the group the favor of the people they served, even a minor level of celebrity, no mean feat in a city as substantial as the city at the center of the world.

When the Freedom Phalanx did eventually retire many of their members remained in the public eye and hearts for some time. But as always, time moved on and the Freedom Phalanx and it’s members became little more than a distant memory and bedtime stories for the next generation.

Over it’s two decades of existence the Phalanx had a varied roster of members, with some individuals remaining with the group for little more than a year. However, a small selection of members were part of the organisation for it’s entire lifespan, or made enough of an impact for their names to be remembered.

Anselm Doel: Perhaps the most reputed and renown of the Freedom Phalanx, Anselm Doel was often seen as the face and leader of the group. While he reputed such claims himself, few dispute that Anselms silver tongue, chiseled good looks and expert swordplay remain one of the most remembered elements of the Phalanx.

Kurgan Duminsson: Second only to Anselm in reputation, Kurgan “Grey-Hammer” Duminsson was recognised as the mascot and unintentional comic relief of the Freedom Phalanx. Kurgans unique appearance and profession, combined with his habit of making things explode or malfunction won the favor of the public, despite the dwarfs cantankerous attitude. Despite his image, Kurgan cared deeply for the member of the Phalanx and went above and beyond in their defense.

Gwell Spinner: The heart, soul and energy of the Freedom Phalanx, Gwells spirit and good intentions far outgrew her small halfling frame. Gwell acted as the Freedom Phalanx medic, divine caster and morale booster. But despite her wisdom, she frequently rushed headfirst into an adventure and dragged the rest of the Phalanx with her.

Maglor Narmolanya: Maglor was one of the frontline combatants of the Freedom Phalanx. A quiet, introverted elf, he was nevertheless a capable blade master and warrior. Due to his apparent aversion to the celebrity his associates enjoyed, little is known about Maglor beyond his presence in the Phalanx for the entireity of its existence.

Lolinda Doel: As a talented guide and scout, Lolinda was an invaluable asset to the Phalanx. Her insatiable wanderlust and passion for exploration got both her and her teammates into trouble more than once, but saved them far more often. Lolindas practical and down to earth attitude won her the affection and eventual marriage of the Anselm Doel, and together the pair elevated the team to its highest points.

The Freedom Phalanx

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