Champions Of Absalom Prologue

Over half a decade ago five individuals serving as Agents of the Varlokkur combined their strengths to defend the City at the Center of the World against a terrifying serial killer threatening all that Absalom stood for. The group were victorious and were proclaimed the ‘Champions of Absalom’ for their efforts and sacrifices. While they are beholden to no man, the group represent some of the finest talent in the Inner Sea, bringing it to the defense of their city in its hour of need.

Since the time of those fateful ‘Tempest Murders’, many of the heroes have struck out on their own adventures, or sought a quieter life. Only a handful remain in the city should their skills be once again required.

Providence seeks to bring these five heroes back together, once again their city must call upon its champions to defend it and it’s citizens. However, as the threats they face grow more powerful, the group find themselves not only called upon to defend their home, but the whole world and potentially, the multi-verse!

A darkness looms on the distant horizon, but from the darkness, comes light…



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