Delirium's Tangle

The Varlokkur owe Grandmaster Torch a favor and he’s calling it in. It seems he’s misplaced Nuar Spiritskin, the famous minotaur prince of Absalom, and someone needs to find the prince before the city discovers that the minotaur is missing. The Agents of the Varlokkur must venture deep beneath Absalom, into a maddening maze of malign shapes, hideous creatures, and secrets that haven’t seen the light of day for more than a thousand years.

The agents are called before Alexis once again and advised that he has received word from Grandmaster Torch regarding the favor owed by Behnam. Torch has requested the the agents are sent to locate Nuar Spiritskin, the minotaur prince of Absalom and a personal friend of the Grandmaster. While Alexis is reluctant to submit to Torch’s request, there is no denying the importance of Nuars safety, especially considering he has disappeared into an ancient magical maze miles beneath Absalom. Alexis instructs the agents to locate Nuar, satisfying their debt to Torch and to learn what they can of the maze and an artifact apparently located within known as ’Izryen’s Hourglass’.

Despite being hesitant about doing anything for the benefit of Grandmaster Torch, the agents agree to the assignment and follow the directions given to them. Venturing beneath the Ivy District, through the sewers and eventually travelling deep beneath the familiar city above, the group travels through hours of natural caverns, confusing tunnels and crawlspaces. Drawing closer to the maze proper, the heroes locate various signs of local morlock tribes living in the area, having to fend off several of the creatures and their mining beetle pet.

Finally, the agents are able to enter the eerily lit maze proper, immediately realising the age and history of the complex. While unable to date the maze precisely, Albert posits that it may predate Absalom itself. As the group delve within the maze, following the minotaur princes tracks, their journey immediately begin to take a surreal and unsettling turn. The maze seems to defy logic, displaying uncomfortable architecture and a strange display of scribbled and etch script across many surfaces. Despite A’hymhu and Muk doing their best to follow the minotaurs perfumed scent, the group begin to lose faith in mundane tracking as they suspect the almost supernatural presence of the maze may be working against them. Instead the four decide to place their faith in Alberts arcane intellect, hoping that he can understand the patterns and design behind the maze. The agents continue travelling as the wizard attempts to fathom the thought process behind the maze, however it soon becomes clear that the arcanist mind is suffering as a result of him trying to understand the madness that designed such a twisted anomaly. Concerned for their friends health, the group rest up for the night, before trusting again to their ranger and his dog to finish tracking their quarry. Unfortunately this only leads them into a trapped passage, so they yield to the fanatic wizards requests to let him finish the maze. Albert lives up to his boast, and is able to locate the end of the maze, but in doing so his sanity is fractured as he grasps an understanding of that which mortals were not meant to know.


As the heroes approach the end of the twisted tangle, they collapse into a sickening maelstrom and find themselves stood atop a handful of floating rocks in endless void. An indescribable aberration attacks the party upon the rocks, gibbering utter madness and warping their minds. Momentarily overcome by the creatures rants, A’hymhu launches a full attack against the crazed Albert, apparently killing the wizard and leaving him plummeting into the void. Despite their allies death, the group manage to overcome the creature, immediately reappearing at the mazes end alongside a wounded and almost catatonic, yet alive, Albert.

After Albert swiftly overcome a door that can only be mastered by those who have truly embraced their madness, the group enter the final chamber of the maze. The horrific sight of a dessicated elf attached to a vast mass of tangled chains and machinery hanging above a grand chamber greets their arrival, the elf cursing the intruders for their interruption. As the group enter the chamber they see Nuar beaten, but alive across the room. However, as they push into the nightmare made real, they feel time itself seem to slow against them. Albert succumbs to the curses of the elf, collapsing in a fit of hideous laughter. The remaining agents engage the elf as the chains and machines come alive and attack them, while Behnam moves to help Nuar. Luckily, A’hymhu and Lothaire are able to defeat the elf, his remains crumbling to dust. As Albert recovers he scrambles to the machine and frantically
pulls the magical hourglass powering it from its housing, stashing it with his belongings. Nuar seems to know nothing of entering the tangle, but is incredibly grateful for his rescue regardless and offers to lead the group to safety. Albert refuses to leaving, declaring the complex and maze as belonging to him. The wizards worried allies quickly overpower their friend and carry him out behind Nuar.

Returning to the surface late that day, Nuar again thanks the agents and promises to sing their praises throughout Absalom. More concerned with Alberts health, Behnam secures the wizard some magical aid at his temple, before they eventually allow the traumatized wizard the chance to return home and recover, unaware he has ‘Izryens Hourglass’.

Following a quick debrief by Alexis, the agents are dismissed and advised to take a few weeks to recover from their experiences before they are given another assignment.



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