Alissa Bronte

Spirited Galtan witch hunter


Inquisitor Alissa Bronte is a fiery dark-haired woman who climbed from the depths of Galtan revolution to become one of the Varlokkurs finest (and most well-connected) operatives. Inquisitor Bronte is a stern and dedicated woman, not prone to flights of fancy or whimsy of any kind. She puts her all into any task she engages in, and expects the best of anyone in her employ.

Bronte abhors any form of rogue or selfish spellcaster, believing that those with such powers have an obligation to use them responsibility. As a result of her duties she is instinctively suspicious of anyone with magical talent, but as an outspoken supporter of due process she is not in the habit of advocating witch hunts against casters just as a result of their skill set, especially given her high regard for magic.

Bronte is surprisingly private about her faith, but her devotion to Nethys is well known. Bronte believes that the All-Seeing Eye represents the balance and order that magic can and should offer to the world and society.


Alissa Bronte was born and raised in the city of Woodsedge, home for dissident thought and radical philosophies in Galt. Like most living in the city, Alissas life was one of near constant change as revolutions,rebellions and protests made any kind of stable government also impossible. While Alissa grew to appreciate the need for free thought and speech, she knew that the chaos the countless revolutions caused held both Woodsedge and Galt back. Alissa debated that strength came from unity and from the chaos being turned into order, however many of her pleas fell on dead ears, or caused further fracturing in differing movements.

In her research Alissa learnt of the religion of Nethys, representing both protection and destruction and holding both in a perfect balance of strength. From her investigation into Nethys see learnt more of the power of both arcane and divine magic and their users, she learnt of the power of those who could turn the madness of raw magic into a infinitely useful instrument for the betterment of society. Alissa saw all this and wept for her homeland.

Determined to learn more Alissa moved herself to the city at the centre of the world, Absalom. There she continued her studies, working closely with servants of Nethys to understand the multifaceted All-Seeing Eye. As her respect for arcanists and miracle workers grew, so did her enmity for those who misused such talents. Within a few years Alissa was able to channel divine abilities herself, gifted to her by Nethys himself. Alissa took this as a sign that her patron wished for her to ensure that those who used the gifts bestowed by the god of magic did so to maintain the balance of society. Alissa became an operative of the Varlokkur and used her skills and dedication to oppose those who warped the intention of magic.

Alissa served the Varlokkur tirelessly, even training others in her craft. Sadly, she was murdered by Maglor Narmolanya when the elf escaped from her custody after being placed in her care by the Agents of the Varlokkur.

Alissa Bronte

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